Educational videos about volcanic hazards, their impacts and societal experiences were produced by the VolFilm consortium.


These films are short and simple, designed to help communities living near volcanoes understand the sort of activity they might experience and to give some simple tips on what to do.

For each hazard there are three films:

  • hazard introduces some key concepts about the hazard;

  • impacts focuses more on the impacts of the hazard, with a focus on the effect on people;

  • and experiential films provide stories from people who have lived through eruptions.


You can watch all the films, or pick and choose what is most interesting to you.

The University of Bristol led on VolFilm, which was a large collaborative effort with many international partners, including MTA. 

The playlist for all VolFilm films in English is available here:


Pyroclastic Flows

Lahars - The Hazard

Lahars - The Impact

Pyroclastic Flows - The Hazard

Pyroclastic Flows - The Impact

Experience: Lahars - "A River of rock"

Experience: Pyroclastic flows

"A glowing cloud"

Lava Flows

Lava Flows - The Hazard

Lava Flows - The Impact

Explosive Eruptions

Explosive Eruptions - The Hazard

Experience: Ashfall

"An Eclipse"

Explosive Eruptions - The Impact

Volcanic Gases

Volcanic Gases - The Hazard

Volcanic Gases - The Impact

Experience: Living with volcanic gases

(Masaya, Nicaragua)


The playlist for all VolFilm films in English is available here: