Hasan Dağ


​Volcano type: Stratovolcano

Volcano number: 213002

Latitude: 38.13°N

Longitude: 34.17°E

Elevation: 3253 m

Distance to Ankara: ~230 km

Closest city: Aksaray ~30 km

Population within 5 km: 235

Population within 10 km: 4,979

Population within 30 km: 174,584

Population within 100 km: 1,362,673

Hasan Dağı is a large stratovolcano in Central Anatolia, near the city of Aksaray. The eruptions involving the collapse of the caldera in Hasandağ, where rocks with a composition ranging from basaltic to rhyolitic, summit caldera, double summit, domes, ignimbrites, block and ash flows and debri avalanches constitute today's structure. The two distinctive peaks of Hasandağ are andesitic to dacitic lava domes. Pyroclastic flow deposits from lava domes blanket the flanks, and large caldera-collapse ignimbrites covers in the west, south and northeast of the volcano. Numerous cinder cones and associated lava flows can be found low on the flanks and surrounding plains.

The eruptions around the Hasandağı volcano started about 13 million years ago and have been up to historical times. Today, Hasandağı continues its activity, which also has a fumerol activity of approximately 55ºC at its peak. There are also many gases of volcanic origin around the volcano.

Evren Atakay Gündoğdu
Evren Atakay Gündoğdu

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown

Sarah Brown
Sarah Brown

Evren Atakay Gündoğdu
Evren Atakay Gündoğdu



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Sarah Brown