Nemrut Dağı

​Volcano type: Stratovolcano

Volcano number: 213020

Latitude: 38.654°N

Longitude: 42.229°E

Elevation: 2948 m

Distance to Ankara: >800 km

Closest city: Tatvan, ~10 km

Population within 5 km: 608

Population within 10 km: 7,399

Population within 30 km: 230,531

Population within 100 km: 1,618,263

Nemrut Dağı is a striking stratovolcano in eastern Anatolia, with a distinct summit caldera. It is the westernmost of a group of volcanoes that bound Lake Van and extend eastwards to Turkey's eastern border. At least four volcanoes are found along the northern shore of Lake Van.

The summit caldera measures approximately 9x5 km, and is partially filled by a caldera lake. The eastern side of the caldera is filled with lava flows and lava domes.

Activity has ranged in composition from basaltic to rhyolitic. Activity after the formation of the caldera was initially focussed on the caldera rim and floor; pyroclastic flows, lava domes and obsidian lava flows were constructed within the caldera. A series of lava domes and cinder cones were later produced along N-S trending fissures on the northern flank of the volcano. Most recent activity has been concentrated along a NNW-trending fissure across the eastern caldera floor and onto the northern flank, with numerous cinder cones and lava domes constructed on the caldera floor.

Numerous Holocene eruptions are identified from tephra layers in Lake Van. With 27 recorded Holocene eruptions, Nemrut is the most active of Turkey's volcanoes.




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